We deliver affordable, quality and economical properties to our client on a regular basis.

We provide integrated solutions to home ownership by helping our clients from the inception to the completion of the desired property.


  • Clear articulation of investment objectives
  • Allows investors build optimal Real Estate portfolio
  • Portfolio Management covers identification, acquisition, sale, lease, improvement and facility management
  • Approvals, financing, construction, sales & after-sales services.

Land is a tangible asset: is not it nice to put hand in your pocket and stroll round on your property that you have bought? Sure it’ll be a great feeling of fulfillment for you unlike many “paper assets” such as stock and bonds, your land is touchable, feel able, and secure. Land is always there it does not relocate, burnt, devalue, or possibly crash without recovering very fast.

Land is easy to purchase: the purchase of land is a simple process. At QUEENSMAY PROPERTY DEV CO. We strive to make this process as quick and as simple as possible. The process usually follows these steps

  • We inspect the property until both parties are satisfied.
  • We agree on the payment terms and you make payment
  • A survey, deed of assignment, and other title document to be given
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